I have an Intel Pentium 166MHz w/MMX Computer and use Windows 98. A web site I was trying to access had this error message: "ERROR! JavaScript is required to use this site!" I then downloaded and installed JRE (Java Runtime Environment), Version 6, Update 1. I even customized my Security Settings to enable Java Scripting but I still see that error message when I go to the web site. I do see the Java coffee icon in my Control Panel so I know it's there. What do I need to do to activate JavaScript so I can use certain web pages? Did I miss a step in the download/installation? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

janda5 :?:

Are you sure you have "Active Scripting" enabled??

Goto Internet Options/Security/Custom Level then scroll down to "Allow Actve Scripting" and make sure its set to ALLOW or PROMPT..

Good luck my friend :)

I'm using my IE 6 browser and yes, I have done as you said, going through Internet Options, clicking Security tab, Custom Level, and under Active Scripting I've checked Enable. I checked Prompt but every two seconds an annoying 'prompt' kept popping up on my monitor. I went back to Enable. Still even after all this I continue to run into a red Error message on that one web site. It is so frustrating to have downloaded and installed Java and not know how to activate JavaScript. Luckily, most web sites do not require it. Guess I'll just move on to the next computer challenge. Thanks anyway, Dude!


Your welcome my friend...Im sorry i couldnt help ya :(