ok, i m still trying to narrow down my problem over the PC usage!

PC= 2.7celeron, asusMB 2x512ram, video GF6200, HD80gb (C:system/ P: program) HD300gb(E:backup),

Soft= C: programfiles-basic windows comp. SP1-AVG-Msg(7.sth(not live))...see pc info-->http://www.redrival.com/orient/

Soft= P: programfiles-emule 47a . flash/dream/photoshop/vlc/..
...see pc info--> http://www.redrival.com/orient/


27process, as soon as i use any program (randomly) the process starts to spike all the cpu (so at 28process the new "program" will share with "system " all the % leaving none to my VERY VERY slow pc)

if i came to use other process over that well they would also share that 100%cpu but this time it would be between 3process?

now emule ais lways on.... so when cpu% starts to go up, emule will be one of the program sharing a big share of the 100%.... usually around 30%.........??why only at the time that i open a another program???

also realplayer, flash, vlc macromedia....well all i have!!!!!!! create that slow lag making all prosses trying to get all the PC usage!?!?

noy i have posted my PC info at this address with the "hijack this" log and the process behavior...


i posted a new pic with all my startup programs,
maybe you could tell me if i did it right?
and hopefully the hijack file will have attached correctly, here!


All good Bud these 2 are questionable unless you know what they are.

O9 - Extra button: Flash Catcher - {90BAE0EF-F4BF-4FAC-B2EC-2C725C34AF12} - C:\Program Files\Common Files\justDo\IECatcher.DLL

O9 - Extra 'Tools' menuitem: Flash Catcher - {90BAE0EF-F4BF-4FAC-B2EC-2C725C34AF12} - C:\Program Files\Common Files\justDo\IECatcher.DLL

THat's it...i ll remove rightaway then... i thought that the problem appeared before the installation of the flash catcher!! we'll see!

so is it simply to uninstall the program or to del reg key??
i don't know much about reg key!
(by the way are the "registry mechanic type" of program anygood?)


If flash catcher is a program uninstall it through Add remove programs in control panel.

Run HJT and see if it's still there if so have it fix it.

Reg Mechanic is good and can be bad if you tell it to fix the wrong thing get this fixed first then we will go from there.

hjt doesn't show it anymore...so i guess it's all gone through add/remove.....but my performance didn't change at all..
..but stil the same lagging and hanging happening all the time randomly!#@!#?@!#>>#!

(does it mean that i can use the flash catcher?? i'll keep it out anyway for the time being to limit the possibilities)

any other idea?