Hello all. I was hoping maybe someone could help me out with my problem that I am having right now(well not me, but a co-worker at work).

We use Visual Studio.Net 2003 along with Reporting Services here at where I work. Well, all is going good for all the clients that use Visual Studio.Net except for one person(isn't it always like that?)
This one person has the following problem:in the data tab, any change the client makes to the sql select code automatically throws in the word "with" and windings at the end of the phrase. If you try to edit the SQL statment, the wingdings return. Not very useful or fun if you ask me. I haven't been able to find anything on the web yet, and was hopin that maybe someone could shed some light on the situation. And just as an FYI. We have fully uninstalled and then fully re-installed the program. And it is only happening to this one person. :mad: So if you have any ideas, please shoot them this way!

reformat their hard drive

Have you get the newest service pack for Visual Studio 2003? (dont use the check for updates function , it is broken in that version. Instead run Microsft Update (NOT WINDOWS UPDATE))