Hi All,
Found your great site whilst looking for alternative ideas to fix problem that has arisen of late. I run Microsoft Outlook Pro 2003 (not exchange server) and recently I have had an increasing amount of problems with Outlook.

It would appear that I have a corrupt section of my hard drive because I very frequently get error / corrupt messages relating to my back up .pst file and location. I have done chkdsk and scanpst to no avail. The attempt to "repair" one of the folders always comes up with "Not responding" and has to be shut down. I am also unable to run a System back up on the machine for some unknown reason.

I now appear to not have the abiltiy to send / receive through Outlook. Also information would not appear in the Reading Pane or I cannot delete certain emails from the Deleted folder in Outlook. It again comes up with "error" type messages.

Questions for you all..
1) Can I somehow delete the current backup files / folders and set up somewhere else. (assuming that the problem relates to a corrupt section of my hard drive).

2) Can I re-install Outlook over the top of the current set up. Wouldn't think that that would help, but not sure.

3) Buy a new Hard drive and transfer info across to new hard drive and bin current / corrupt one

I am at a loss now and would appreciate some assistance.


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Reinstalling outlook won't do much.

Ideally you could have done a system restore but you say you can't.

Hmm that makes things messy cos now you have to start playing with registry cleaners etc.

I don't know. Personally, I would back all the .pst files first then do a reformat of the entire harddrive. To me that would be the easiest and quickest solution. If it is only the one pc that is causing all your problems.

Hi, your file is corrupted!

You can try a popular Outlook recovery tool called Advanced Outlook Repair to repair your PST file. It is a powerful tool to recover messages, folders and other objects from corrupt or damaged Microsoft Outlook PST files.

If your inbox repair tool is not able to repair your pst file, you can try Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair [/URL]software to repair corrupted .pst files. It can recover emails, contacts, notes, tasks, appointments, and calendar from damaged or corrupted .pst files. it can recover deleted emails attachments and pst files larger than 2GB. First try its demo version to test the utilities and full version to restore information.

There are many pst recovery applications try any one from them. However, as per my suggestions the best one is the SNIP the application can repair almost all kind of damages and recover your important data saved in pst files. the application is with free trial version. try its free demo to avail its features.


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