Good Day,

I bought my japanese laptop last April 7, 2007 here in Yokohama Japan after that together with my friend we convert it to English OS,
everything is in good condition except the DVD.

I try to insert a DVD Movie but it appears, your Windows cannot view DVD movie, please reduced your windows immage, I follow the instruction and after that same problem appears.

I dont know what to do, even my firends don't know what the real problem and what is the better solution,

So I try to browse this forum, I know you can help me.

Thank you very much in advanced and I'm looking forward for your advice.

Thanks and Have a Nice Day.


hmm.. Well, we have no idea what you did to convert vista into the english version..

Do you even have software that will play dvd movies? Perhaps try downloading something that will play dvds.. Also, make sure that you actually have a dvd player on your computer..

possibly region code? I don't know, it just clues me in that you have a Japanese Laptop and now it has an English OS, possibly its an American DVD, or maybe a Japanese DVD but installing an American version OS might have done something... Normally on a computer you can switch region codes like 5 times before it locks it in permanently.

One thing you could try is have someone burn a video DVD using some standard DVD video making software and create a movie dvd that is not region specific (has no region code) Try playing that dvd and it will tell you right away if region code is your problem or if it is something else.

Hi Josh,

Good day, sorry for the late reply, I think your right maybe the region code, a few hour to go we try to reformat again this laptop and try to install a DVD Cyberlink thank god I'ts working, we borrow this installer from my japanese colleague he told me try this DVD Cyberlink.

I already inform my friends to join to your site and i told them very helpful.

And also thank you very much for your time you gave us, and I found a NEW friend.
More POWER to all of you.

Domo Arigato Guzaimazu.

Awesome.. Glad we could help.