I have been reading around Vista being even more restrictive with all its DRM.

While I tried to ignore most of them, I argued against it on this one to prove my point:


But it seems like they have proven a point... I don't know... is there anything that I don't know of?

Don't bother with Vista if you haven't already paid money for it. Microsoft is already working on their next operating system...XP will hold you through till then. And there's always Linux... Just my 2 cents.

I do agree with olly666 but Vista looks charming... since I installed Vista, working with XP is really boring for me.

Vista already has a sucesor in development. And XP SP3 comes out sometime in 2008. Wait until vista SP1 at least or else switch to linux (but i know thats not for everyone, i myself dual boot xp home as i need certain software)

So Vista = no no?

no no for now but its your only choice after XP reaches end of life.