My bl**dy outlook express keeps deleting the messages it has downloaded leaving only the titles and the half envelopes. It then ties up bandwidtrh and time downloading them AGAIN. I have dial-up and when it takes me 30 minutes to download and email and then I loose them and have to download again it doesnt make me happy.

Than ks for your help

What version of Outlook Express and OS?

Operating System is XP up to date and Microsoft Outrlook express 6. Computer 2.4 hertz celereon 512 ram. Thanks for any help.

A little Google searching came up with this thread which doesn't really address your problem but gives some clues as to what the problem may be.

Are you using IMAP? If so when you connect to the server do you just work directly out of the IMAP folder or have you created a rule to copy all the email over to another folder on your local machine? I’m thinking that this is the problem... note though I don’t use Express and it’s been a few months since I moved from directly working with IMAP accounts.

Thinking about it some more I think there is an option somewhere where it says to download more then just the header information. When I get a chance to get on a Express machine I'll take a look.

Thanks for the response, much appreciated. I am reading these links now. They donyt as you sayn answer the question directtly but some expl,oration may help find the solution.

My email is http, I only use hotmail due to its portability and resilience to changes in providers. I use Outlook express for ease of handling the mail, I can work off line and importantly because OE will automaticallky spellcheck mail before I send it.

OE automatically downloads the messages when I go online and I can work on them off line if required. now for some reason every now and then it just deletes the stored messages and starts downloading them from scratch again.,

thanks for the help and response and efort, much appreciated.

The Best Version Of outlook is Outlook 2003 & change the store folder to other Drive