Hey everyone,

Im sorry, yesterday I made a post saying that my internet browsers were lagging, this is incorrect. After using my computer a little more I discovered that dragging windows also lags, so its not an internet related problem. Anyways onto the problem.

Im using a dell laptop, running XP Pro. I just recently (two weeks ago) reformatted. Right after I formatted (hours oddly enough) I started having a problem that my computer wouldnt charge, and had to send it back to dell. They replaced the fan and system board and returned it to me. The hardware all seems to work fine now. My windows however lags a lot. Whenever I try to scroll down on a website, or drag a window, the graphic takes a second to load, and visibly lags.

Any help is very appreciated!


I've deleted your previous post to keep things focussed in this new thread.


First thing I would check is the video card. Try uninstalling rebooting and letting the machine detect and install it.

the lagging might have something to do with the heat in the laptop, maybe they messed something up : :eek:

Alright, I called dell and after spending way too long on the phone with them fixed the problem.


what was the problem?

what was the problem?

Yes- if you could post that it info here it could help others in the future.

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