Help !

My integrated board's video card must have gone (no comments pls., I didn't have enough money at the time), so we have to replace the WHOLE MB.

The problem is, Win 2000 doesn't allow you to just copy on top of itself.

So we have to reformat.

I have 4 drives on my puter right now & someone is suggesting I reformat H & then make it C & then move everything over.

How does this sound to you all & I need to know how move everything over from one drive to a next easily without screwing up any data.

Some of the programs I can reinstall, others I can't.

Thanks so much for any help you can give me :-|

I hope you are having a good Sunday !


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well.. in theory u can use the same instalation but i would not recomend it.

move all data off one hard drive,and use that to do a clean instilation.

BEFORE you take the machine apart, make sure that all the data you want to be available from your current windows profile is not on a section ofthe hard drive that is protected your your login...


Damn sight easier with Windows 2000 than it is with Windows XP! Basically, all you need to do is uninstall the motherboard drivers, then install new ones when you reboot hooked up to the new motherboard.

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