I have only had this computor for a few weeks,I don't know anything
about them,no lessons or anything!things have started going wrong,I have lost my browser?I keep having to conect all the time,I am unable to link on
to any links sent to my outlook express,and are unable to use sites,I was
enjoying before I done something...to stuff everything up!!!!Can anyone please help me put things right again?Remember I am a real dumb Dumb,when it comes to this......PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Hi Katherine,

Is that system one you purchased with the software already installed on it? Is it one which is a 'Name brand' PC like Dell, HP, or similar?

If so, it should have come with a 'Recovery CD' which you can use to restore your system to its original state. Alternatively, it may have a 'hidden partition' on the hard drive which contains the files needed to restore your system and which you access by following the provided instructions.

Check your system's documentation carefully for the instructions, and when you find them follw them carefully. After only a few weeks, restoring your system to it's originally shipped state is perhaps the best method to follow, as you will not have much data to lose.

If it's not a 'Name Brand' PC that you have, we will need some details about your system specifications, what you have done on it, how the software was installed for you, and so on. I'm afraid you've clearly indicated your level of frustration to us, but you haven't provided much information about your system itself to enable us to help you via a medium like this forum. We need to know about your system and what has been changed on it before we can really help. Not every computer is the same, I'm afraid!

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