I have run out of ideas!

3 years ago I bought a dell 733Mhz with Win98se, 10gig HD. 18 months ago I bought a 60gig HD from WD and installed it. 6 months ago the 60gig died, I was able to transfer the files I wanted to keep from it and I removed the 60gig. Before I determined that it was the HD that was the problem, I thought it was something else, so I used the Recovery CD several times. Finally I found the Win98 setup files on the original 10gig HD and did a re-install of WIN98se from it. After that point I do not have any of the MSoffice Apps (MSWord, Excel, etc) they are still there, but they say I need to re-install then. This is a DELL, with only a recovery disk and the warrenty is out so I can't get any help from DELL. Is there any hope short of buying and upgrading to XP or something. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks In advance. :-|

Lyle :sad:

Just a quick response .
WinXp doesn't come with these microsoft programs .
MSoffice Apps (MSWord, Excel, etc) .

Unfortunately, it sounds like the reinstall left your programs and data intact, but overwrote your Registry with a new "clean" Registry. When programs are first installed, they write information into the Registry which basically tells the operating system how to "handle" the programs. A fresh clean Registry contains none of this information, so your new Windows install is totally unaware of any of the old programs that might still exist on your drive.

If you don't have (or never had) the "Applications" disk that Dell usually ships its new computers, you're pretty much out of luck. :(

I'd agree with the suggestion that you need the 'Applications' disk. A recovery CD will put the registry, srat menu etc entries in place, but won't usually put the program files themselves on your hard drive. When you run them for the first time, you are prompted to place the program CD in the drive, and complete the installation.

This is what it sounds like has happened to you, and I'm afraid if you don't have the original 'Applications' CD, then you will need to purchase the programs separately.

If you only have the need to use the basic functions of the office suite of programs, you could try using the free 'Open Office' http://www.openoffice.org/ in their place, as it has very good file compatibility with Microsoft Office.

Thanks guys

I tought the registry was probably the problem. and you are right I dont have the app disk (dont think it was included when i bought the DELL) and i don't think i ever had it since the apps were already loaded when the computer arrived. Looks like I'll have to buy MSOffice or get an alternative. Thanks again for the info and help.


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