OS: Windows M.E.

I went to visit a website on the internet, it says I cannot view the website because I have Flash. So I click the link to download and install Flash. It says installation successful. So when I go back to the website, it still says I cannot view it and download Flash. I tried downloading then rebooting and it doesn't work either.

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I am aware of that and i checked my spywareblaster and i found that the Flash killer had already been disabled. Is there anything else i can try?


I clicked on the link and I saw the video telling me that Flash is successfully installed. Then I clicked on the link below to see if "Macromedia Authorware" was installed. I waited for a while, about 5 minutes and a movie, that is suppost to tell you the installation is successful, never showed up.


Actually what I meant to ask is what exactly is Authorware and can it effect the way Flash works?

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