Hey all. Got a little problem:

When my managers sends out emails (from office 2003/7) about meetings and who can attend, I receives codes instead of a legible email. I believe that there is an incompatibility between office 2000 (which i use) and office 2003/2007 wrt such emails. :sad:

Is there a fix, patch or otherwise that can fix that? (except to upgrade to office 2003 / 2007)

Will appreciate assistance. :)
thanks in advance

ok... i shall rephrase. I have problems receiving emails in their proper format, when the senders are using office 2003/2007. Is there a patch, fix etc... to fix this. I have downloaded a Office 2007 file extension compatibility thingy. But, that didnt help my problem much...

You may get a (limited) amount of compatibility by installing office 2000 SP3 if you do not already have it.


from microsofts site:

Note Office 2000 SP3 includes the Outlook 2000 SR1 E-mail Security Update, which changes the way Outlook handles certain types of e-mail attachments. However, the new e-mail attachment handling behavior is customizable. For more information, please see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article, (318515) OL2000: Cannot Access Attachments.

i have office 2000 SP-3...

I figured i will just upgrade to 2003... v_v

2003 is worth it (i upgraded from 97 to 2000 then to 2003)

ok will do...

thanks btw!