Been two weeks chasing this issue - formatting the drive would have been much quicker, but now it is a point of honor.

Running Windows XP on a Toshiba Qosimo G 10 (I know already - two mother boards)
Media Center Edition
Version 2002
Service pack 2

MS Office Pro Edition 2003

Briefly I upgraded Canon Digital Camera software and then Office Outlook would not open.
Complete scenario of problem is on another forum to which this link will take you and offer further explanation in deeper detail,

I start MS Outlook and it fails stating that there is a problem with Business Contact Management (came with my MS Office 2003). Won't start in safe mode either.
Since then I have removed all interfering Canon software, used the LIS tool to allow detect & repair to work which then runs flawlessly through the detect and repair mode yet it does not change anything or repair the main trouble.

Now I get a signature error that is Martian to me,
EventType : bcm P1 : mapi P2 : typeinitializationexception
P3 : 1.0.2002.1 P4 : 11.0.6359 P5 : nativemsproviderinit
P6 : msproviderinit P7 : d40099fb

Oh, BTW, the computer freezes, but only when I throw it out the door in wonderful Vancouver these days:)

Any thoughts are welcome and pardon me if I parked in the wrong slot or something else,

Cheers, David

This is a common problem which is caused due to cloudmark.

Start >> run >> regedit >> HKCU >> software >> microsoft >> office>outlook >> addins (delete them by right click).


It is recommended that you back up your registry first.

Good Luck!

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