Recentally upgraded to IE7,no probs.

But suddenly cannot get onto Windows Update,sign into auction sites and some web pages will not load.

Run,antivirus and spy ware no probs found.

but Nortons is bring up notices about "script errors"in its activity log.

Any ideas to help me?

IE7 strikes again. This is one the problems that I have read about after installing IE7. It seems that M$ has released another product for the public to debug.

Try disabling the automatic updates and get them manually.

If you want to go back to IE6 read this

This is one of the many reasons that I use Firefox, btw...Firefox is a standalone browser.

This is one of the many reasons that I use Firefox, btw...Firefox is a standalone browser.


you're way better off with firefox or opera, using maxthon with ie6 when you encounter a page that requires ie

Thanks for the replies,but

I have removed IE7 and went back to IE 6 and it has made no difference.

Apart from this very annoying prob my computor is running ace.

I have seen from other people on here that Windows media Player 11 might be a problem has i also up graded to that as well.

But Nortons still comes up with these script errors and i can downloaded a fix from windows if i could only getthere window to open.

Is this a computor or browser prob????

you lot are my only help:)

have you tried shutting down norton's services? security software, that thinks it knows more that the user is often a big nuisance

I have tried disabling Nortons also my firewall but still cannot access these web sites.

I have made sure their addresses are in the exceptions on my firewall so that they are excepted,no joy.

I have just downloaded the uasutility-v2-x86 which was recommended earlier and still no joy.

I have cleaned out the tempory internet folders,cookies, history and while this does seem to get you a little further when trying to sign in to auction sites I cannot go the whole way.

God this is so annoying, I know it is only a small prob, but its drving me mad!!!!!

try to install maxthon - it's free, and IE based.

Thanks for the advice, but before i go further with it.

What difference downloading another browser will it make?

Obiviously you think it is a browser problem and not a computor problem?

Just found out that I can send and recieve emails ok however when I send if the email is more than a few lines long Nortons comes up with a window telling me that it was unable to send as my connection was interupted and yet i am browsing the web ok apart from these particular web sites that i use.

keep your advice coming as i am at a loss:confused:

this is almost certainly a firewall problem. I'd uninstall norton completely, and use my personal fave - Avira.

I am at the moment running Nortons Antivirus 2005 and Sygate Personal Firewall.

It is driving me mad as i have just booked and paid for a holiday online with no probs, and yet cannot sign into my account on Ebay or get Windows update.

I also can only get onto the old version of windows messenger not Windows Live Messenger which i used to use.

Doesn't make sense

What did you make of my previous entry about the SCRIPTS ERRORS, would this have any bearings on my problems?

Want to get as much advice as possible before i do anything else incase it only makes matters worse at least at the mo I have 80% use.

removing norton can't make things worse, if you install another antivirus right after you get rid of norton

Removed nortons anti-virus and replaced with AVG.

But still not joy,experiancing the same problems still nothing has changed!!!

Keep the advice coming please.

I have to agree, try downloading another browser like Firefox, at worst it would work and you would then know that your problem is with the IE6. You may find that you like it better than IE. If you do install Firefox let me know, there is a way to speed up the pages opening.

One of the problems that I've read about associated with IE7 after it is unintalled is that it can corrupt the IE6. You could also try reinstalling the IE6.

Can I download Firefox without getting rid of IE7?

Installed Firefox.

Made no difference i am afraid:sad:

Any more ideas?