Hi, you helped me a while back - now I'm back. I did an automatic update recently and now get the message internet explorer cannot display the webpage 9 times out of 10. I've restored to before the update but its still happening. Also internet is generally much slower than it used to be. I've done a Spybot search too and deleted web history and cookies. But I'm not very techy beyond that. What do you suggest?
I'm running windows xp.
Thanks - Kasaj

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What was the 'automatic update' about?
(I am assuming it was a windows update of some sort)

Did you update IE? and what version of IE are you running?
Have you tried opening the same pages using a different browser to see if the same problem exists?...ie Firefox

Also, have you tried rebooting your system aswell as your modem after the installed update? (you would be surprised what a reboot can resolve)

Sorry for the 20 questions but it all helps.
Let us know what you can!

Regards :cool:


Hi me again. the problem magicly stopped, for no apparent reason it has now started again!
I'll try to answer your questions:
Stupidly clicked on the auto update without looking at it properly, so I can't answer that one but I did reboot to before that time and it made no difference.
I'm using IE5
Haven't tried using Firefox...how would I go about it?
Please help it's getting annoying now!

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