i have tried many different software for removing spyware and virus's....

im more or less would like to know of some safe and good software i wont have to keep paying money for.

Loki, I particularly like the AVG software...they have an antivirus version, and anstispyware version and an antirootkit version...all for FREE...here's the link:
If you'd like a firewall, I'd suggest ZoneAlarm...they also have a free version and this is the link:
Just click on the "I only want basic ZoneAlarm protection" button...

Hope this helps!


For virus, I like AVG – free for personal use. http://www.grisoft.com
Updates quickly upon booting, doesn’t hog resources and catches ‘baddies’.

For spyware, you should run more than one.

I like Spybot - Search & Destroy best. http://www.spybot.info/en/index.html
In the advanced mode, it does a lot more than just spyware. You can ‘innoculate’ your computer against ‘baddies’, delete cookies you don’t want while keeping those you need, etc.

I also like Ad-aware SE. You’ll find it at http://www.Lavasoft.com

Be sure to check each for updates before scanning. Each updates frequently.

I like adaware and spybot too...i use them every other day... i also use avg as well, but didnt know if there was a better one....

AVG and avast are great, though they are not 100% secure, so take ur chance, but i'd recommend windows live onecare (20.00-50.00 usd/year). If ur convinced with it being free, go avast (or avg), though avast has a friendlier interface.

Windows live onecare... do I really want the company that I need to buy security software to even relatively safely run my operating system to PROVIDE said security software?

For cleaning up infected machines I use Dr Webb's Cureit, Kaspersky, SuperAntispyware, RogueRemover, Hijackthis and Runscanner.

On my own machines I prefer sandboxing/virtualisation with no realtime AV/AS employed.

Firefox with Noscript runs through Sandboxie with Returnil active.

For any heavy duty testings I have the same setup on my XP/Vista virtual machines.

Ghost Images as backups and hardware firewall.

Avast, I've never gone wrong with this and I have recommended it to a lot of people who have never come back to me and complained.
If you like it you can always upgrade and pay a small fee if you are worried about it not being so secure because its free.

I actually don't know if it matters which virus scanner, firewall, etc. that you have anymore. I know 3 very important things:

1. Backup. once a week, once a month, the 'minute' you finish that term paper.

2. Practice safe browsing. How long have we known to check for certificates and not open email attachments?

3. Use a hardware router. for 60 bucks, you can protect yourself from 90% of all possible infections.

Virus scanning software should only be a second line of defense.