I had a problem with my AOL, the main.idx file became corrupt and I was informed by the AOL software to reinstall the hardware to fix the problem. I did this and now I have a problem with the aolsoftware.exe file. It keeps accessing my hard drive and slowing down the system. If I go into the task manager it show it using between 30-60% of the CPU. If I end the process the hard drive accessing stops and all is well. But as soon as you start AOL it reloads it and the problems start all over.

I have tried many things. I have uninstalled AOL, used ccleaner to clear the registry and remove files, run scandisk, run norton, turned off my wireless, removed all the AOL files manually. So there is no remnants of AOL on the system. At this point I have no problem with the lapper. Then I reinstall AOL using the online download off the AOL site. It progresses normally and AOL is installed and working. It does one update. Before and after the update the aolsoftware.exe acts up accessing the hard drive and using 50% of the CPU just like before. I have uninstalled and reinstalled AOL 6 times with the same result. I have talked with AOL live help and the tell me to do the things I have already done. What is going on? Any ideas. HELP. Thanks.

Dell inspiron 9400 1GB RAM Windows XP Pro

If you can,get rid of "aolsoftware.exe" .. Do a search for it and see if you can find it..... (You should be able to delete it to recycle bin and see if things work fine,then just delete it 100%)

Good luck!

Essentially that is what I did. But what I really did was rename the file so it was inactive, then I wrote a note to myself in a txt file on how to reactivate it if the need arises. Thanks.

If anyone knows how to FIX the problem instead of just circumventing it like I have done, please speak up.