Okay...I'm going to try to explain this the best I can. I am connected to the internet via cable connection. For a few months now, my internet has been very very slow. I run a spyware killer everyday, and I have McAffee Virus protection. Also, on some websites, I have a dialogue box come up about the server being busy, where it has the boxes where you can click Switch To or Retry. I would appreciate anyones help! Thanks!

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From what i hear Mcafee is pretty good at taking up computer resources.... when it expires try something else like sygate personal firewall

another thing to try since it could be your computer too, reduce most of the start up programs in Msconfig which might help with the busy server error - i get that alot at work where the computers really suck


Try these:

1. Delete temp Internet files. If you haven't done that for months, it's very likely your problem.
Tools > Internet Options > [General tab] Delete Files.
Reboot afterwards for luck :)

2. Go to Windows Update on the Microsoft site.
Should be in your Start menu. Download and install any critical updates first, if you're still in trouble, go back and download the rest of the updates.

Which version of Windows are you using?


I have the full Version of McAffee. The computer was running slow before I downloaded McAffee I run on Windows XP Home edition. I clean out my temp files weekly. I heard something about umm..Wupdater.exe from Kazaa slowing a computer...I have deleted that and not sure if its come back yet (too lazy to look lol) seems as right now my internet is finally running at a normal speed *knocks on wood* Anyway, if it starts running slower I'll come back in here. I appreciate the help!


In the mean time, you can find out how to secure your system from further infection by browsing through many of the threads in our Security forum. :)


Okay, so far my internet is still good :) woohoo lol..i still appreciate the help! If i have any more problems, I'll let ya know. I've been gone for the weekend so im not sure if the server busy box keeps comin up. But anyway, gotta go eat dinner. Hope you all had a good weekend

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