I have windows XP on my computer and every time i load msn 6.2 my os crashes and windows reboots...I don't know whats wrong with it....and its really annoying.

any suggestions? - leave a post

Don't use MSN. Use Trillian instead.

You can change the behaviour of windows so it doesn't reboot on errors, somewhere in the control panel.

...my computer doesn't crash on errors...its just when i try and start MSN it crashes...and i wanna use msn not trillin or whatevr that program was...i like msn but yeah i wanna use msn 6.2...right now im using windows messenger which is pretty gay...but yeah anyone know whats wrong with it? i've ran anti-virus / adaware thinking it was a virus/spyware which was restarting but it wasn't...anyways im so lost and p'd off!!! can someone please help :(

pretty gay

I guess those two words go together!

Windows reboots when load MSN Messenger

Do you when you are starting msn or when you are installing the program

You can change the behaviour of windows so it doesn't reboot on errors, somewhere in the control panel.

Actually its right click
on mycomputer /properties/advanced /Startup and recovery /settings .
Check it to make sure it set to write a events to system log .check the log to see the error.
Info on reading logs

I suspect you have deeper problems on your system than simply MSN Messenger.

Run up to date AntiVirus and Adware/Malware/Spyware removal tools (see the link in my sig for advice). Then reinstall Internet Explorer (get it from the Downloads section of Microsoft website or from a Computer magazine cover CD) and see if that corrects your problems. You could also try uninstalling then reinstalling MSN messenger.

Have you downloaded the latest updates from Windows Update? Sometimes a fix breaks something else so they fix that...

....nothings worked yet out of that advice...and i think its just MSN cuz everything else on my computer works accept for that

So!uninstall MSN 6.2 and then reinstall it maybe !

You may want to redownload MSN... sometimes a download gets corrupted in just the right place to make it useless. (But it still appears to work...)

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