I am having an interesting problem with IE 60 sp1 and Google. When I send a search with Google tool bar the Google results will come up for about 5 seconds and then IE shuts down. I don't remember exactly when this started but it seems after getting the last update from Microsoft is when it started. I removed the update but still have the problem.

Thanks for the help.

so does it happen if you search with IE toolbar search, instead of google toolbar ,if no then maybe you should try uninstall and reinstall the google toolbar

If I try a search in Metecrawler it works fine but any way I try Google results come up for about 5 seconds and then IE closes. This was not happening before I upgraded to XP from W2K last week. I uninstalled the Google tool bar and went straight to Google to try a search and got the same thing.

Thanks for the help

I've had Windows XP pro, IE 6.0, and google toolbar for a while, but never had a single problem related to it. It's working just fine. Are you sure you don't have spywares on your computer? I use Ad-aware (http://www.lavasoftusa.com) to remove spywares.