I have a real problem

i have a computer which is about 1 year old, pentium 4

well, recently i decided to reformat it, this would be my first time reformatting, because it was starting to become very slow.

so i went on the internet and followed some intructions to reformat it. By the way i was using XP PRo.

so i inserted the boot disc (aka XP CD) and reformatted it. then following with an installation. everything was working fine, the installation had successfully worked until it had to do its restart. once restarted, the XP loading screen came up with the blue loading bar. it quickly passed that, but another xp loading screen came up but instead of the blue bar, it said, PLEASE WAIT. and from then on, it didnt do anything...i guess it froze.

so, i then restarted it. (manually)

turns out, now my bios, or something, cant detect my HDD.
when i try to load my computer up normally, without the XP CD in, it says, failed to boot, please insert disc and press enter. and then whenever i do put it in, it brings me to the windows xp pro setup, with 3 options. install xp, recovery console or exit.

when i choose any of those options, they all say...cannot detect hdd. and it automatically reboots my comp. THUS resulting in the same thing.

the only thing i can access is my bios. and primary master and primary slave says NONE.

i would do just a clean reformat, but i cant even get to that option!

i dont think its anythign with the cables, because i have never even opened my computer, like..the warranty seal is still on it.

its a 40gig HDD. i dont know what to do anymore.


Can you change your bios setting to AUTO insted of NONE.

it just says none, when i enter it. it says auto, manual or none. and its set at AUTO, plus when i goto enter the detect HDD.

it does nohting...

ok could this be a problem..

when first to format, it said partitioned..i deleted that partitioned and then it was unpartitioned. then i formatted it then continuing with the installation.

in another thread i read, it said, create new partition, i never did that....

If that PC is still under warranty, then take it back and have it looked at.

If not, then open the case and check to see if the cable connector has worked loose on the drive (or the power connector).

If all connectors are firmly attached, and the drive stil doesn't detect despite being set to Auto, then I'd suspect the drive is dead! It's not unknown for drives to fail like this. Was slowness the only reason for formatting? Were you getting any errors previously?