My Compaq notebook seems to have three speeds on the cooling fan. What would cause the fan to run faster than the lowest speed when Task manager is showing 97 to 99 percent of CPU is on System Idle Process nearly all the time? In other words, the computer is not even breaking a sweat, but the fan stays above the minimum.

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i assume that you have proper ventilation around the pc ??? try raising the laptop up by placing something under each side of the PC this will help with getting more air flow under and thru the case. use a pencil on each side to increase the airflow.

the fan could be failing due to dust or smoke-tar being drawn into the inside of the machine...

just a few things i've seen in the past....

processor load is only one factor affecting the temperature of the cpu...

how old is the unit.. what model #??

my compaq presario likes to run it's fan on high even when setting on the bios setup screen...

compac has some softpaq files for different models to resolve processor overheating... i'll try to find that link for you

good luck

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