hello to those who read this...
i have a laptop that has a cd and dvd writer drive on it... up until recently, i have never had any problems with it buttttt lately it has been acting really funny. if i am writing a cd, whether it be audio or data onto a cd-r or even data or a movie onto a dvd-r, the writer speed is about half and sometimes even less than it usually is. there were even a few instances when it was crawling at speeds of about 0.7x give or take and it has never done that... it usually performs at the max speed no matter what. i know that i have never changed the speed to anything else before burning anything so that would rule that out. if anyone has any insight for me, i would greatly appreciate it.
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Have you dropped the laptop recently? Sometimes after a large impact (such as dropping it) the laser is put out of line or damaged and so the speed is reduced. Also check for spyware/Viruses that may cause CD/DVD burners grief. What is the specifications of your laptop? And what make is the DVD/CD burner in the laptop. If the problem is just the CD/DVD re-writer than consider buying a new one to replace the existing one.
How old is the laptop? It may still be in warrenty, so you can take it back and get it fixed.

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I have not dropped the laptop ever... not really even a slight bump. I am very careful with it because I use it for live music and production. I don't know if I have any type of viruses or sypware that would affect it but my whole system has been acting a little weird lately. Perhaps you could help me analyze a hijackthis log? I am not sure of the specs of the drive at all I just know it is a cd and dvd burner that came stock on my Dell laptop. My Dell is an Inspiron E1405 with Windows XP Media Center Edition, SP2, Core Duo processor, 1gb of RAM, and a 120gb hard-drive. If you need to know anything else I will be glad to tell you... hopefully you can help me out man - it has been acting really weird lately.
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In past Dell Latitudes I've had to remove the CD drive and reinsert it to get recognised. That would do for a while till I had to do the same thing.

It was the drive itself that was knackered. I bought an external USB device to get round this.