The more I am searching I am just confusing myself. If someone wouldn't mind helping me out I would appreciate it. I am setting up 6 computers to be in a network and run a Windows OS and a Windows based program. The main computer will connect to a t1 line. Would I need to have Windows NT to do this? And I run the t1 line to a hub then to the different computers right? I took a networking class a few years ago and have only briefly worked with Novell. Thanks for the help!

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Oh yeah I am running POS software, and a lot of it says it can add workstations? This is my question: if I had lets say Win XP on all comps, connected with ethernet, I could just connect the workstations with the POS software or is there more to it than that? Thanks.

looks like p2p network, n/m.

If it's a t1 you will need a router which can act as your dhcp server and firewall also if you're not too nervous. You can get a Router with a TSU/DSU built in or you can use an external one, but you will need one. ISP may provide both, but I prefer to provide my own. Then the router should connect to a switch and your PCs to that. Cheap dumb switch is fine for 6 PCs nobody uses hubs anymore. With XP, you have to manually enable sharing and make sure they are all using the same workgroup name. That's pretty much it.

Yeah I started confusing myself. So basically just a p2p network with 6 computers with a switch...lot less work than I originally thought. Thanks for your reply!

it is nice and easy... if you get a router with a modem built in.. make sure it has a firewall enabled... otherwise if 1 computer connects to tinternet, and the otehr computers connect thought it.. make sure that computer has a firewall on it.

Firewalls are not optional unless you want an early grave.

also, make sure that peopel know how to unshare directories that they dont want other people to have access to.

finally.. what is your plan for data backup..

if you are using winxp pro these is microsoft backup built in.. use this to backup the data on each computer on 2 other computers.. just in case.. and then burn to cd

good luck

i really want to start all about networking,i really want to good in networking in every parts

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