In my house I have the wireless router sitting on the first floor and my computer sit in my room on the third floor. The router signal is encrypted and I modified the router so that on certain mac address are able to use the network so that if some one is able to hack into our network they will not be given an ip address. My problem s that the wireless keeps dropping out on my windows XP laptop. It some times takes a long time to reconnect. when I search for the network it some times doesn't so up and when it does I click connect my computer won't connect to it. Does anyone know what I could do so that the signal stops dropping out on me.


Sounds like a signal strength issue to me. Does your pc connect fine on the 2nd floor? You might want to update the router firmware and the wifi drivers on your laptop and see if you can get a little more reliable connection as well.

Wireless does not travel well through any metal frameworks, or through buildings with lots of thick stone walls.
It may also be that ther eis some nearby close frequency wireless signals that are affecting yours (microwaves or portable electronic gear. they shouldn't but often do reduce the signal you want.