I do have "Low" signal quality problem to two computers with wireless network. I purchased DLINK router year ago seems to be working fine until I added second computer to
the router. I might have wrong setup in my router configuration. Little help would be appreciated.

Thank you

wireless connections losing signals can be caused by many computers accessing your wireless access point. it can also be caused by intefering products like 2.4ghz wireless phone. In your case, since the other computer and the router never moved, and that you just added a new wireless computer, i would guess that the sharing of internet connection with the other computer is affecting the signal.

I would suggest the following:
1. Relocate the wireless router and check signal. Remeber that a foot change in distance and direction where it's facing makes a lot difference, especially the height of where the wireless AP is placed. the higher up the wall the better

2. Secure your wireless computer. Neighbors maybe accessing the internet via your wireless network which would slow your network down and jeopardize your private files.

3. Make sure that your NOT forcing either the router of the wireless computers a certain wireless transmission speed. For example, getting into the properties of an adapter or settings of a router to force it to work in 54mbps. It should ALWAYS be set to automatic.

you know, you can call supportrix at 1-877-787-8749 and get a FREE CALL if you use "supportcall" as a promo code. they can help diagnose and correct problems to improve your signal for both computers.