I work with clients who refuse to download any software or have their computers locked down by their IT department. Is there a Web conferencing system that they can use?

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Windows Messenger or NetMeeting are built in and are included in most windows installs out of the box. Vista comes with (MSN) Live Messenger

The GoMeetNow system has a mode they call Universal Attendance – no download of any kind required. This I am sure meets your requirement exactly url= http://www.gomeetnow.com /] GoMeetNow. [/url]

Yeah as the guy said above Gomeetnow's
universal attendance technology ensures that everyone can join the meeting with no download whatsoever.

or get them all to buy avaya :)

But isn't maintainence of Avaya 4400 series phone took little too long..See my phone boy took over 2 weeks to repair it when I broke phone ( in office ) some times ago..

try 321 meet. it's a web conferencing site that doesn't require any downloads or softwares and is free. it's easy to use. this will surely help your clients.

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