A friend has been having problems with his wireless router. I decided to have a go and see if i could resolve the problem, but couldnt. Currently he is connect to the internet via NTL using a Broadband Internet modem. If the modem is connect via eithernet into the the NIC on the desktop the internet works perfectly. Unfortunatle he has about 5 computers within his house and all of them are needing access to the web. The Desktop is cabled to the Linksys and it does not connect to the internet. I check to see if my laptop picked up the wireless router which it did but it did not connect to the internet also. It seems like there is a problem between the wireless router and modem. I have checked the cable and replaced it with a new one but still this problem continues. Does anyone know of the Linksys WRT54G wireless router recieved updates which could conflict with the modem of if any other problem it could be ?

Also the wireless router was working fine with connection to the internet in the past but only recently this problem has occurred.


Have you tried updating your firmware on the router?? Is there security on the router? What about firewall settings. A little more info would help dianoise the problem better.

Robert have you tried resetting the router? It could be a configuration problem.I think resetting the router could solve your problem