I have a PC and a Mac both hooked up wirelessly through an Airport Extreme router. Internet works fine. File sharing works fine between the two. I hooked up an external hard drive to the router that I wanted to share between the two computers. That worked but here's the problem...

If I move files into the drive from my PC on the admin account I can see them on the Mac and vice versa. But if I put anything into the drive from the PC user account, I can't see it from the other two. The file is on the drive, but I can only see it from the user account. Also, whatever I put on the drive from the admin account or Mac, I can't see from the User account
Anybody have any clue how to fix this?

Thanks for the help!

Ok..so I figured it out, but I am really confused. When I log into the user account, it somehow shows up with TWO network drives a z: and a y:. I've only set up one shared drive and I called it z:. But the y: drive is the one that works from the user account.

Utterly frusturated.

the drive, I suppose, is a SOHO NAS server. how exactly do you access that drive? if it's over the network, and it works with windows, I presume it uses some kind of Samba server. If it's config can be edited, all you need to do is edit the share's properties for a default permissions upon creating files and directories.