Hello all,

I want to know your thoughts on this:

1. Create a company.

a. Give a brief description of the company.

b. Explain the type of business you have created.

c. What are the "technical" needs of this company (keep it brief).

d. What is the company's philosophy toward technology and security?

e. Keep this information for the PowerPoint and Document you will be creating later.

2. Create the environment

a. Give a full description of what this company expects you to design.

b. Are there any specific security and/or network concerns that this project must fulfill based on the companies requirements from part 1 above? (You must make something up here...you can be creative J)

c. Keep this information for the PowerPoint and Document you will be creating later.

3. Create the physical design

a. List the requirements of the company. Include the total number of users, computers, printers, servers (file, print, web, domain controller...), and any other physical equipment.

b. Once the requirements are listed, explain how you will meet each requirement.

c. Provide a diagram showing the layout of the physical equipment, including all necessary equipment. Microsoft Visio or similar program can be used. If you do not have access to MS Visio then I suggest the trial version of SmartDraw from http://www.smartdraw.com/ <http://www.smartdraw.com/> .

4. Create the logical layout

a. List the requirements for the company. Include the sites, departments, User Names, Group Names, and any other helpful information.

b. Using Active Directory, list how you will accomplish all of the requirements. Make sure to use the names of the groups and employees as necessary.

c. Provide a diagram showing the logical layout of your Active Directory design.

i. Use MS Visio or similar program to create the documentation.

ii. When designing the layout for Active Directory, do not make any changes to the default containers and OUs created for you by the Active Directory setup or the DCPromo process.

iii. Make sure to create all OUs, Groups, and Users yourself, separate from what Active Directory includes by default.

iv. I understand that you will be using the built-in accounts like Administrator and Domain Admins. This is normal and perfectly fine in most all environments. Just be sure to create all "Custom" accounts and OUs as necessary to create the design.

5. Create the Security Design

a. List all requirements that the company will have regarding all aspects of security. Make sure to list at least 5 requirements.

b. Provide a method to meet all of the listed security requirements.

i. Please do not assume that your instructor "Knows what you mean" when listing your solutions. Your instructor will be acting like the business owner and may not be that technical. Make sure to be complete J

ii. Provide details on how you will meet the requirements.


a. Requirement: Secure all users "My Documents" folders on a server that has a tape backup and RAID redundancy.

b. Solution: A GPO will be used to redirect all "My Documents" folder to the secure file server. This GPO will apply to the users of the "Employees OU". The redirected path will be: \\FileServer\Docs$\%Username% <file:///\\FileServer\Docs$\%25Username%25>

c. Create diagrams using MS Visio or similar program as necessary.

6. Create a PowerPoint to describe, in short detail, the project. The PowerPoint should be similar to the one you have already submitted...it was pretty good :o)

a. First, list the company and project at hand.

b. Next, list the basics of project: What does the company expect? How you are going to help them achieve that goal? You may take several slides to describe this information. You can use the data created in steps 1 and 2 above.

c. Next, briefly list the design requirements of the physical design and how you have meet those goals. This comes from section 3 above.

d. Continue on doing the same thing as above (6.c) with the topics of logical design and the security design. This includes the info from section 4 and 5.

e. List a summary of the top 5 "things" you have learned from doing this project.

f. You are allowed to create a cool PowerPoint as you wish, just make sure to include the necessary info from 6.a à 6.e.

7. Write a ½ to 1 Full page summary of the entire project. Use Microsoft Word or StarOffice (Free download) to create the document. The following pages are required:

a. Title page with name/date

b. Written page (1/2 to full page)

c. References page (To list the books, web sites, and persons that helped you design your solution.

This is what a teacher has requested my to due for a final project on a class that a had but the teacher quit in the middle of the class.

Anyhow my question is how long would it take most people to due this ....I'm working on section 3 at the moment.

I think, I'm not going to get it done in time

one night. 7 cups of coffee.

I might just make it then, I have till 12:00am est to have it submitted to my techer. I'll keep ya'll update d with me progress as the night burns on