I've joined the club... I have XP pro, cable modem and... u guessed it SP2... I tryed every method and have come to the last step... Removing SP2. But when I try to remove it it says that it has found about every program i have on my computer (Which is alot...) and says all programs may be harmed... Is the risk big or is it just nothing...:?:

When I get Limited or No Connectivity on my wireless.... I just put the IP and DNS adresses manually and it starts to work again

mmm thats going to be difficult if you dont know how to set up it.... I suppose you are connected by a router?

Sorry to be such a newbie but... router?... and if it helps I have only had my computer once connected and that time it was my friend who did all the work and it was not at home, I connected it at his place...

me dont know how to explain :S hhehe someone else please help here

Now I know what a router is and the answer is yes...

ok first you need to know whats you router's ip for doing this...
go to start menu -> connect to -> show all conections.... then do right click on the connection you are using and select properties.
It will open a window, under the list of "This connection uses the followind items:" SELECT "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and click Properties button.
Youll get to open another window, with some radio button options, do click on radio button that says "Use the following IP Address" and other options are enabled, here comes the final thing.
Your IP address will depend on your Router's address, I suppose you are using a Linksys router, most of those routers have this error going on hehehe. Your Routers IP consists in 4 sets of numbers xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, your ip number should be a the first three sets of your Routers IP plus the last set a number from 100 to 150. If your routers IP is then you should not change any of the following options.
Set these properties:
*IP Address:
Subnet Mask:
**Default Gateway:
**Preferred DNS Server:

NOTE: * - These is supposed to be your IP address change it if your Routers ip isnt, just change the first 3 sets of numbers to the same first 3 sets of your IP
NOTE: ** - This must be your Routers IP, if its diferent change it in both Default Gateway and Preferred DNS Server

Then click on OK button window will close, and click again the OK buttonn for the other window and it should be working yet.

Hope i did make clear what I said hehehe not good for explaining such a things if further questions post them and ill answer them as fast as possible. Post too if these instructions helped you :). Hope it works

emmm fuck send me your router IP and the configs that you set just to check if its right

I still have problems... Can anyone help me

Is the network encrypted?