Hi all.
I really need somes help from you.
My networks have 20 Pcs and have workgroup is Hochiminh and use normal IP config like this :>20

My trouble is have one PC was attack by mass-email virus. After cleared all virus, my computer couldn't see any other computer , didnt access to any shared folder of them , but still can ping to them. and still access to internet, mail. And, another computer still can access to my computer shared folders @@.

I had check all inform and dont have any change with another computer. I think have some conflict between 2 protocol TCP/IP and Microsoft IPv6 but i dont know how to fit them( all computer using TCP/IP and dont install IPv6).

So, i'm really need your help.

Thanks in advance.

First off download and run Winsockfix.

Secondly, what OS is the machine that is infected running?

Do you have the firewall blocking it?

it is generally a good idea to reformat a windows machine that was hit by a mass mailer

Hi Tech, thanks for your advise, i wll try.

My OS is XP Sp1.
And, may be still have the mass email worm in that computer :(

Hi Dim, yes, but it's very diff to me because that computer is small laptop without CD ROM, and the HDisk only have one driver C: ... Also, have many software i dont have the setup source :(.

Anyhow, thanks for your help.