I need help bad! My little cousin was trying to install some autominer or some stupid crap like that for that stupid runescape game whenever I was out of the room and now a program called perfect keylogger is trying to get me to install it. I can't access several things in my control panel or change my time and date ( it changed my time and date I think ) without a pop-up for this program appearing and telling me my evaluation period has ended and I need to buy the program then it cuts me off from trying to access these folders. It also appears whenever I open my documents or my computer but it lets me access them after closing out of this pop-up. It shows up in a spybot search & destroy scan and I choose to remove it but it stays on my pc. I don't know very much about computers, I'm still learning but if anyone can help it may be hard to explain to me what I need to do about this.

I am familiar with that game, and what an autominer is. First remember that they track that and his account will get terminated for using such a program.

in order to help, what was the exact program he downloaded, and where did he download it from. that can be usefull, because i am sure this is not the first case, and it must be documented somewhere on the internet.

There are many ways to take care of this problem, but you said you have limited knowledge, so lets start with what program he downloaded and go from there.

In case you have a keylogger the best way is to use PrivacyKeyboard(google to find it) - it will block all the active keyloggers on your PC and will protect you from them in future.

If your useing Windows XP / Vista use the system restore thing to restore your computer to before he messed with it, this doesnt sound like a very malicious keylogger type attack so i doubt ur going to have 2 much trouble getting rid of the keylogger (if there is one)..the system rollback should let you fix your control panel problem 2