I've been doing a lot of web surfing to try to find a solution to my problem. I thought I might try this discussion forum. Here goes... I've got AT&T yahoo DSL in my home. The modem is a speedstream 4100. I've got windows xp in the desktop pc. I also have a sweet laptop pc that is mostly used for work purposes. Occasionally i will connect the laptop to my dsl modem to access my companies VPN to try to do some work from home. This connection has always worked well. I can access network drives and my work email (outlook, exchange server) by plugging into my home modem. I can login to the VPN from my desktop pc too, but i don't have the work email setup on that one (long story...). Anyways, I bought the Linksys WRT54G wireless router for home so that i can get wireless web access at home. The setup for the router was effortless. I'm able to have web access on both pc's with the exception of one little problem. I now get the windows error 619 when i try to access my company VPN with the laptop wirelessly and through the desktop wired through the router. I went to linksys website and did a live chat with tech support. they weren't much help. AT&T expects me to spend $139 for their help. I found this website that explains my problem, but I don't know exactly how to fix it.

Modem set to bridge mode?
I guess I'm asking for simple step-by-step instructions on how to make this work.
hope someone can help me.

The browns fan

Hi BrownsFan,

What type of VPN is it? E.g. PPTP, IPSec/L2TP, etc.

These protocols have outgoing, client port requirements, and your router may be blocking some or all of those outgoing ports.


Chris Fry

I have the same problem. I started with a d-link router, which allowed me to connect to two different VPN servers from separate machines. I added a switch to the network and lost all VPN connectivity. After several frustrating calls with the d-link people, I swapped the d-link for a linksys WRT54G V8. My error messages went from 721s to 619s. When I attempted to follow the instructions in the chicagotech.net article, the router stopped working altogether. I lost connectivity to the web until I restored the DHCP setting.

Hope someone has some additional insight. Thanks.