Recently, my desktop pc has had a problem with slow internet connections. it runs a westell router, with all updates, and nothing is wrong with it. the desktop's speed for internet is
2100/300 (download/upload), while the service i'm subscribed to is 3552/384. The two other pc's at my house have these speeds:

Laptop w/ integrated wireless n card (3240/366)
Desktop w/ usb wireless g card (3199/364)
When i connect the router to the other desktop, the speeds would be 3250/380. Is there anything wrong with one of these devices, or the pc connected to the router?

NOTE: The pc that is having dsl problems w/ speed has some issues (lockup and hangs, etc) as well. It's performance is less than optimal, and i have contacted hp to try to fix that, as system recoveries have been futile.

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With you having lock ups and freezing also, it could be that your NIC is going bad and causing other problems with the PC also


problem with crashes and lockups is solved, i have reformatted the hdd, installed xp, and everything is running fine, but net speed is still the same! any other suggestions

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