I have 2 laptops, one running xp pro and one running vista. I would like to know how to link these two computers to be able to get files from each other. I don't have any sort of internet connection.



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If you dont have an internet connection dont get wireless or it will be a problem to set up.

Simply by 2 ethernet (wired) network cards (if you dont have them already) and a few meters of CROSSOVER cable (NOT "patch" cable).

If you have never instaled a card before, then read up on it before attempting. Its easy but if you are worried, get someone who has done it before to do it for you.

The crossover cable will enable you to link the 2 pcs directly together without the cost of a hub/switch (sot of a junction box) between them.

Once you have done this go into network connections and chose "set up a small home/office network" (in the panel on the left on xp, dont know about vista)

You will need to give each computer a unique name and ensure that they are on the same workgroup.

Also, they each need a unique IP adress (i reccomend and

You can then share files/printers by right clicking in them and choosing sharing. To access them use my network places icon or click add printer -> network printer

the built-in windows help has lots of info about this

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