I have just ordered a IBM Netfinity 5600 and it has 2 powersupply's and one processor but can hold 2, its off ebay and its pretty old :D

Could anybody tell me what I need to know so I dont break it, if you get me, like how to set it up, where to start. This is my first server so to set it up to run windows server 2003 enterprise edition will be great!

Like setting up the scsi

And yes Jbennet you told me not to deal with IBM but you know :D


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"setting up the scsi"

windows will need you to put the drivers (.sys and .ini) on a floppy disk.
Google for "f6 disk"

alternatively use nlite to slipstream in all the drivers into a new server 2003 cd.


download it and run it.

Firstly, point it at your windows server cd and tell it where on the hard drive to extract them too

next you can customise it by adding service packs, drivers, tweaks, hotfixes (e.g ie7, wmp11)

at the end it will build a new .iso for you, which can be burnt to a cdrom.

tip: DONT remove anything or adjust anything you are not sure about.


forget nlite and the F6 disks.

brand name servers should have installation CDs, that will do the job for you. just read the documentation on the IBM official website


just got it tooday installed server 2003 and no drivers where needed maybe sound will be needed :D btw there is a attention light on the front but I dont knwo what for :/


tooday installed server 2003 and no drivers where needed maybe sound will be needed

good. Some versions of Server 2003 doesnt include sound by default. I dont think your server even has a soundcard either, most servers dont.

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