I have the yahoo id of someone who forged my identity online and sent an email to the police to make a death threat. The police won't investigate it and think it was me, but I found out the yahoo id the person who sent the email claimed.

Is there a way I can get the IP and find out who they are? I've contacted yahoo about a dozen times and they're finally letting me fax them with all the information but are taking way too long.

My life is being devastated by this as there are a lot of other consequences going on because of this, a wrecked relationship, someone close to me lost their job and is very hurt, and the stress on me is terrible.

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If you are adamant about this, follow these directions:

Send an email to this user and acquire the IP address from the email header when he sends a reply. Be creative and do something to make him reply.
If you have an email agent that has email tracking, you should be able to find the IP address once he receives it.

Then you can contact the officials and give them the IP address and time at which he opened the email. They can trace the IP back to ISP and furthermore, the individual.

Believe me; I have been on both sides of the fence.


The quickest way is to contact that person's ISP through your own. They will in turn investigate, as they do not want legal hassles of their own later if nothing was done. This advice is from an author of an article (don't remember who) that specializes in security stuff, and that was his advice to anyone experiencing what you are. Good luck and I hope you can get it all straightened out - keep us posted, ok?


Well to get the Persons IP when ur talking in MSN just go on Run=>cmd=>Netstat.ANd there are all Ip.If u want to tracei it u can write Tracert and the web or Ip.Eg.tracert www.google.com

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