A friend of mine Has a Time warner cable for the internet. His modem has a usb connection and an ethernet connection. I don't know what kind of router he has, but a technician set his new wireless laptop connection up the other day now his desktop will not connect to the internet(his wireless laptop will though.) He has windows ME on the desktop and it is connected to the modem by usb instead of through the router. Is there a way to restore his internet connection without having to buy an ethernet card so he can connect through the router?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

he needs the USB driver for windows ME (not likely there is one to be found anywhere)

NO........he will have to get a Eth Card so that the computer can connect through the router... or disconnect the router and reconnect the modem directly to the computer........I know this because i work Time Warner Level 3 Help deks.. here is what you have a moden that give out ONE IP address, to any devices that attached to it...in your case the router then the router can give out as much as four IP (for Time warner) NOW if the PC does not have a eth connection it will not be able to connect to the router. therfore you need to get a eth card or return to the prious connection you had with the computer and the modam.

Thank you for both of your replies. Bobbyraw, we thought that was what we were going to have to do, but were hoping we didn't have to. Now that we have the word he's going to install an ethernet card. Thanks.