Hi - My PC is conected to a Linksys Router, model WRT54G via ethernet cable. The Linksys is connected to a cable modem from comcast.

I have read that my network activity is NOT safe from the other computers (one wireless, one not) on the home LAN. I don't have the password for the router nor the username but have access to the router. There is no server here at the house. I was having some problems connecting to the network and Linksys gave me these settings which fixed the problem, but I want to be sure I'm shielded from nosy roommates.

How can I secure my network activity against snooping?

I am running a firewall,
Zone Alarm 6.1.744.001
and I do not have the ability to upgrade Windows.


i studied ur problems then first u log into ur router. u know how to log on the router . just read the manual of the router it contain a ip address. use this ip and put in the internet explorer then u can log that time router seek the administrative password . i think defauld no passord just read the manul then after u check with configuration. first u enable dhcp server its is inside the interface configuration i think diff router diff type. just check with configuration then enable firewall and intrusion detection then ur land will be secure then come to your pc network place right click and select local area connection - tcp/ip- select obtain ip automaticaly then restart ur pc and put complex administrative passwordi both ur pc and router . if u want wireless security just discuss with ur isp provider help desk. use comodo firewall pro. its better for prevent network attack

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