I keep getting a limited or no connectivity problem with my linksys router and comcast modem. The problem is reoccurring and is temporarily solved by resetting the modem AND the router. I also discovered last night that it sometimes fixes itself. I was online and then lost my connection, receiving the error message "limited or no connectivity". I restarted my laptop but to no avail. I was too tired to go downstairs to reset everything so I went to bed. This morning, my connection was ok. Also, as a side note, I often get an ip address conflict message. It does not seem to effect my connection though. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.



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How many users are connected to the network at any given time? Do you use DHCP? Are you connected by a cable or wirelessly?


if you own the modem from comcast, you can definitely have it checked or replaced. I worked with comcast before. Also, if you are renting the modem with comcast you definitely have a free router. But there is a shipping fee. Then you can have the chat support help you with installation. Have you tried bypassing the router and directly connect the modem to the computer?

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