hello !
i want to get some information about LAN traffic . in my office there are 15 employees are there , we are connected with modem ,i want to moniter there activities for example which sites they are visiting,uploading , downloading . some one tell me about netstat but this will show the information about my pc.can any one help me in this .

M.Waqas Aslam

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There are several applications you can purchase that will do this and many of thenm have a free trial version. My suggestion is that you go to one of the sites like CNET downloads where they review the software and post customer reviews of the software and find one that people liked that does what you want. System Surveillance Pro was the editors choice and has a free trial download, and SurveilStar Employee Monitor was another option that has a free version as well as enterprise and small company monitoring (and blocking) packages for email, chat and browsing.

Netstat shows current connections not really what you're wanting. Monitors are the only thing that really give that info and they're not free but they do have trials as rch1231 stated. I have a firewall I manage all traffic with, but that's far from cheap. You can also check the individual computers' cookies and history as a manual way.

Sometimes, the internet router (firewall) that you have may already have this feature, where you can run reports on traffic. If not, there are alot of software options that you can install on each computer to secure and monitor activity. For example, the company Blue Coat which makes proxy appliances, has a free tool that people can install on their home computers to filter out certain websites. With this tool, you can still allow all access to any site, and just monitor and log traffic. Their tool is called K9 Web Protection.

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