I;m facing weird problem, I can connect to Wireless Internet fine, can logon to Yahoo Messenger just fine, but cannot Browse Internet using MS-IS, Firefox, Safari etc.

Issue started after I removed creepy NORTON 360. FYI, I've switched off Windows firewall etc.

Reset Winsock, tcp/ip etc

Your help is much as appreciated.


I just resolved this problem for a client, and thought I'd go back and post the info on the threads I ran across looking.

It's probably an issue with anti-virus software, usually Symantic products, being corrupted. Fully remove the software using the windows installer clean-up tool and symantic software removal tool if you have symantic products.

You can test to see that this is the problem by booting in safemode with networking. If it works in safemode this is probably the problem, if it doesn't it's probably something else.

ok here wghat you do go to

start-run-cmd (if you have xp)
now your at the dos prompt from here type ipconfig /all
when it comes up hit me back and let me know whats it says for an IP if its 169.254.- then your not connected from this pointr you will need to release the ip and renew it to get the right ip adress

He already reset winsock and TCP/IP. He is obviously connected to the internet/network since web services other than browsers work and he's able to ping, and this is a common problem when uninstalling symantic software (which he clearly stated he did)

And I really don't know what you're talking about with the 169.354 thing. Just about anything can be a valid IP depending on whether you're connected through a router or directly to a modem.

There are several things that can cause this:

1. Check to make sure your DNS servers are correct. Your service provider should let you know which to uses. ( service provider is the guy you uses to connect to the internet.)

2 If they are correct then try turning off your anti virus software and see if you then get through to the web. This is a fairly common issue with anti virus programs.

Hope this helps


Also check the pop-up blocker setting on your browser(s). Quick way to checkif the pop-up blocer is the problem: Open browser > type in url > Ctrl & Enter

After removing anti-virus completely from
your computer if you still face the problem
of browsing internet,than check the DNS Server.

First tell us which OS are you using ?