Im new here , My hobby is playing with computers. Im networking two computers with a crossover cable. The reason----> To transfer my game files to my Me machine from my xp machine.Ive followed online tutorials and all went well so far. I was able to get my files from the xp machine but I cant find my Me computer on the network when Im on the xp machine.If it matters the Me is the source and the xp is destination .

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In Win XP you have to create a Network Setup disk for other OS's to see that machine. Did you do this?

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No I didnt make a setup disk. Thanks for your reply.Do you know the easiest way to create the disk? Any tips will help me.

so thats where im going wrong ive done the same but kindov different i have myne n me siss connected via crossover and then i brought another network to go 2 my laptop but i never made disc which machine do u mae a disc on do u need a cd rw how many floppys would it take

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I never made a network disk for my XP network w/ crossover cable. 2 NICs, one with a manual IP addy, the other connected to the router.

Both machines on the same subnet...the ME computer with gateway set as XP manual address. Pretty simple eh?

yeah lol buyin a router today what u reakon to one with a firewall do i need 2 have a firewall wehn i have norton

You don't need a network setup disk...just use the IP address instead of the computer name. Start-->Run-->cmd then click "OK". In the command prompt you are! Type in ipconfig and note the IP address. now go to the other machine and type in net view \\<ip address you wrote down>

...this should list any available resources at that address. You can use a command like net use (net use \\<IP address>\share_name) to map the drive or just use the IP in the graphical user interface to map the drive. Within the My Computer folder go to the Tools menu and choose "Map network drive".

Good luck.

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