I have a three computer wireless LAN setup at home. one desktop and two laptops, which has been working well for over six months. Linksys router and Earthlink DSL provider, Pure Networks Network Magic manager. Last week took one of the laptops (Dell) on a trip. Could not get to connect to Internet or Outlook Express despite a strong hotel provided signal. Had it set for auto IP and auto DSN. the Dell recognized the strong signal but told me it had limited connectivity. Even hooked up to a friend's strong wireless connection with same result. When I manually entered his IP and DSN, it showed strong connectivity but still could not connect to internet or email. When I got home and reconnected to my LAN, where I had no problems before, I got the same negative results. Bottom line, both of the other computers work fine on the network and connect without a problem, so ther is no router or DSL problem. In fact, Network Magic shows the problem laptop connected to the LAN AND to the Internet, but both Internet Explore and Firefox show blank web page or "Server not Found" and Outlook Express shows "Earthlink.net"(my mail provider also) not found. It has to be the Dell laptop. I have shut down the firewall, no change. Ran anti-virus, rook kit, anti-adware and anti-spyware to no avail. In addition, in order to get strong connectivity, albeit without internet connection, I have to manually enter IP, DSN, Gateway, etc. Auto IP and Auto DSN only gives me "Limited Connectivity". I can ping various IPs with no problem.
I need help from this excellent forum. You saved my "life" once before and I hope you can repeat.

Sorry, forgot to mentioned that the OS is XP SP2

I know someone in this forum has a possible solution. I feel unwanted. That "woe is me" feeling is slowly causing me to go into the pre-natal position.

surely by now you've been able to figure this out, right? please? i'm counting on you!!! i've had a problem similar to what you're describing for more than a month. what do i need to try next to get the laptop back online?

Please open a console window (Start, Run, type "cmd" & enter), type in "ipconfig/all" & hit Enter. Left click the little "C:\" icon in the upper left hand corner of the window, click "Select All" and then do the same and click "Copy". If you would then paste that into a post here - for easer reading I'd recommend placing the text between code tags. The issue you're describing can have a number of causes so we might as well as try to either focus in on, or remove from contention, as many possibilities as we can, starting with the simplest to diagnose.

Yes I did resolve it. Took awhile, but after trying almost everything (pings, reinstalling my browsers and my network management, etc. etc.), a light went on in my head (pretty dark there with age) and I uninstalled my adapter (Intel Proset) and reinstalled it. Everything came up roses, instead of weeds. Sorry I didn't post my solution, but since no one had responded I thought no one was interested. Hope this helps you.

Great to hear it robroyxdry, and Thanks for the update. :)

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