I have a big problem. I'm trying to connect to the internet by using ethernet instead of USB.
I got all the drivers for my ethernet card and everything is looking great.

But then I get this crap about having limited to no connectivity. I try to repair this by clicking "Repair."
After about 5 minutes it says that it cannot fix the problem because it cannot renew my IP address.

I tryed releasing and renewing my IP address by using the IPCONFIG commands. Again, no luck. I got this error message:

" An error occurred while renewing interface Local Area Connection 2 : unable to contact your DHCP server. Request has timed out."

And now I'm here asking for help.
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

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Ensure that you have a 'Local Area Connection' present under control panel >> Network

It still may be trying to talk via USB. If there isn't a Local Area Connection there...you'll need to create a new connection. If there is, ensure that it is set to auto detect...choose Network >> right click on Local Connection >> Choose Properties. Now highlight TCP/IP >> choose properties. Ensure that 'obtain IP address automatically' and 'obtain DNS automatically' is set up.

If the above is already done and when you clicked 'repair' you were doing it ON the Local Connection...follow the directions below:

Unplug your modem completely. Wait 30 seconds. Ensure that you are plugged into the Ethernet port on your computer and not using USB networking. Plug your modem back in. Wait for another 30 seconds. Reboot your computer. Now the MAC address for you Ehternet port is detected by your modem and recognized as a destination source instead of your Old USB Network.

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I was just about to say to unplug and replug in your cable modem, but apparently TKS got to it already ;)

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:P I just remember that when I looked at my own surfboard modem...then I slapped my forehead and went...doh! and edited my post :)