last night i run a clean install of windows xp proffesinal on my
LG LW752 Express. after doing this i cannont connect to my wireless router. i would guess i have have lost the drivers needed because whe ni check in the device manager it says these driver have not been instaleld or something like that. i all so cannont find the name of my network card when i try and look the only name i can see is net adapter. if anyone knows how to fix this or were i can get the drivers i need or if it is even the drivers any help would be great!!

of course it's the drivers, you said it your self. You'll have to go to the manufacturer's website for drivers, or you can always google them.

yes i look on the website that was the first thing i did but they have taken my laptop of after only 1 year thanks anyway

dont gt them from LG then, get them from the wifi card maker. If your laptop says "centrino" for example, then you have an intel wireless card. simply find out what card you have and go to the card makers website (in my example, intel) for it