well, the last post that I made was solved.
Here is something that I have not seen before:

I went to my aunt's house, like normal. While I was there, my brother used it and contracted a nasty case of spyware, malware, adware... and so forth.
I decided that when I got home that I would use my anti-virus to check it.

INSTEAD what I ended up doing was using my aunt's and she cleaned my computer for me.

When I got home, I put it back on my network, and it wouldn't get back on. I tried doing what I did earlier to release the IP address, but something struck me as interesting: When I typed in IPCONFIG, it said MEDIA STATUS.... DISCONNECTED, and then it had the IP address and subnet of

Any ideas as to what might be wrong?

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Bad cable,
wrong cable,
bad connecion,
bad router,
router turned off.
take your pick. This is a layer 1 (hardware) response.

Bad cable,
wrong cable,
bad connecion,
bad router,
router turned off.
take your pick. This is a layer 1 (hardware) response.

Changed the Cable, Turned the Router on and off, Computer is on A network, just not mine. The other computers can see each other, I have tried the command IPCONFIG/RELEASE_ALL, but that did not work. I can ping the router not a problem, just not other computers.

Thanks for that piece of info.

Any other ideas?

That's not making a lot of sense. If you have a media status disconnected message as you said, you cannot ping anybody. Unless of course you have more than one network adaptor in your machine. If you can ping your router and your other machines can ping the router, then you should be able to ping the other machines...period. If you want, you can do a "ipconfig/all >C:\ipconfig.txt" command on your machine and one of the other machines. You won't get a visual reponse but the info will be saved to c:\ipconfig.txt and you can post the result. Maybe we can tell what's happening.

Sorry about the long time to post
It gives me a fatal error: can not read IP

I would have thought your subnet mask would have been is the default gateway for Linksys routers.. (if thats what you have..)
Your Ip is probably established by your ISP.. you would still have an Ip like internally though.. I would just make a new LAN connection using
the wizard.. tell your brother he did a good job haha..

It gives me a fatal error: can not read IP

Although written specifically for Win 98/ME, this MS article sheds light on a couple of reasons for that error:


Because you mentioned a "nasty case" of spyware-type infections, it's possible that your network stack was either corrupted by the infections or, as sometimes happens, corrupted as a result of their removal (specifically- the removal of a malicious LSP component).

The link above describes one possible fix; there are others, depending on your exact version of Windows and the exact root of the problem:


Unfortunately, the errors you've reported so far point to various and quite different areas of possible trouble, so it's hard to say exactly what is broken.

I would suspect either you still have a virus, or the virus you have already had has wiped out your driver (or worse).

Personally, unless you are very adept at virus removal, if this were not a vital machine I would simply back it up, wipe the drive and reinstall Windows...

It is certainly not the most elegant solution BUT, assuming you do your back up well (and don't backup the virus while doing it) it is the simplest most effective solution.

If you absolutely need the computer as is, I recommend Hi-Jack This. Though I should warn you, if you do not know what you are doing you stand to do more damage than good...

Good Luck.

Best Regards,
Techknow MCSE, MCDBA

I would suspect either you still have a virus...

I hope that's not the case, considering the fact that this thread was abandond about 9 months ago. :mrgreen:

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