Hi, this problem has AOL tech support and me out of idea's on how to solve it.

Operating System: Windows XP Professional
Router: BT Voyager 105 / BT Voyager 2110
Firewall: Nortan (disabled)

The problem started 2 days ago, when in the middle of my connection the DSL Light on my BT Voyager 105 went off even though all cables were still wired up correctly and none change to the software.
The arrows in the startbar (the modems software) say that there is no DSL signal and the DSL light (which should light up when i plug in the DSL Line) refuses to come on.
Ive since tried another modem which is the BT Voyager 2110, and that has the same problem, the DSL Light which should light up when i plug the DSL line into it, doesnt.
Ive also tried using different cables and different DSL filters to make sure they arnt the problem.
My setup is exactly the same as it used to be (the correct way) which is from the master BT phone socket (my only phone socket) i have a dsl filter, which then connects to my modem, which then connects to my PC.
AOL Tech support have ran 3 line checks on my line and say that everything is working correctly with the line, and now have started sending me round in circles (trying the same things over and over).

Ive reinstalled all the software (even though the BT Voyager 2110 doesnt need any software, so i knew that wasnt the problem.. was just living in hope i guess).

So basically, the problem is when i plug the DSL line into any modem it acts as if ive plugged nothing in.

Anyone have any idea's on what the problem could be? it would be appreciated :)


Sounds like filter somewhere in house has given up.

I suggest you unplug all filters you have throughout house.

Then plug in one connected to your computer without any phone plugged into it.

If this does not work, then get filter from elsewher or buy new filter.

I find that filters don't last more than 2-3 years.